This Week in Chanatown - July 26, 2010 - Droid, Google, Pandora, ADW, iPad, Goggles

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In honor of going a full week of writing a new post every day, I'll take the easy way out on Sunday and offer a recap of this week's notable entries. One of my favorite shows growing up was "This Week in Baseball" and its "T.W.I.B. Notes", so I'm proud to present: "This Week in Chanatown" for the week of July 26, 2010.

We started the week off with the Monday Main Event. Here, I discussed some real world impressions of my first few days with the Droid X. On Tuesday, I looked at the Google Images update and pondered over using a game like Labeler in the classroom. I then discussed why I prefer Pandora over iTunes and pushed for readers to join the 60+ million signed up for the service. On Thursday, I gave equal footing to ADW Launcher as my post on Launcher Pro started showing more search traffic. I took a break from the Droid love fest by reflecting on why I love and use my iPad on a daily basis. And we closed out the week having some fun with Google Goggles. All in all, a great week and my first to go full steam with posting. Hope to continue to write often as we get closer to the start of school!
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