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Reflections from IETC Day Two

Day two at IETC - picked up several new ideas and always enjoy Jon Orech on presentation tips. Additional notes below - side note: had a wonderful meal at American Harvest on Thursday night.  Highly recommend for future visits to Springfield.

Non-iPad Apps

Presentation handout
Google Tablet apps - no screencasting app?  Best - AirDroid and record screen on computer
One of the questions I got during my presentation was support for Android tablets and Chromebooks.  Unfortunately, while most apps for personal devices have made their way to Android phones, education apps and other enterprise apps are planting seeds in the Apple Store, and waiting it out to see if Google makes significant headway with their devices.

Jon Orech - Presentation Zen

Appeals: Logos, Ethos, Pathos
Tools: Finding images: Google, Life Photo Archives, Flickr Storm, Behold, CC, Photopin
Creative Commons - opposite of copyright - here's what you can use
Pixlr - online image editing
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