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Making of a Conference - MiniCon 2013

The planning began one year ago, but the pacing has picked up during the last week. I've been co-chairing the 2013 NICE Mini Conference (now called "MiniCon") for the past year, and it's been a fun and exciting experience. Getting to work with an outstanding team in the NICE Board, sifting through an amazing system of notes, project plans, and details from our predecessors, and receiving creative freedom to modify, tweak, and add to 18 years of Mini-Conferences will culminate in tomorrow's big event.  If you haven't registered for the "Best $5 Conference in the World", fear not.  We'll be taking walk-ins, and you can join the 300+ other educators interested in sharing, learning, and networking on technology in the classroom.  See you at the MiniCon ( For more thoughts on Teaching and Learning Technology,  please consider subscribing to the RSS feed or through email . Facebook fans - get the latest posts, thoughts, musin

iPad Accessory Review: The Indy Bag by WaterField Designs

Article first published as iPad Accessory Review: The Indy Bag on Blogcritics. When you think of Indiana Jones , a few iconic images immediately come to mind. The rolling stone ball from Raiders’; the cheesy map transitions when traveling, and of course the accessories. Indy’s hat, whip, and satchel were all prominently featured throughout the movie series, and all were vital in ensuring that evil doers were thwarted while precious historical artifacts were returned to where they naturally belonged (in a museum, of course). With another round of iPads recently announced, and another surely on the way, it’s time to pause and reflect on accessories and some of the best ways to tote your prized portable tablet in style. In this review, we take a look at the Indy Bag by WaterField Designs.