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Sharing and Embedding YouTube Snippets Using TubeChop

During a Google Sites project earlier today, a student asked whether it was possible to use just a portion of a YouTube video.  I recalled being able to do this through other web applications, but only where you would be able to start at a certain point ( or by manually modifying the link (  A quick Google search revealed a tool that's actually been out for awhile (where have I been?), but I'm happy to have found it today.

Challenge: Show a snippet of a YouTube Video

Solution: TubeChop

TubeChop is extremely easy to use.  Simply paste the URL or even search directly from the website. Use the sliders to designate start/stop points for the video, and chop it.  You'll get a dedicated URL for the chopped video, as well as a link and even an embed code.  This was a perfect match for the website design projects, as the students now have a way of showing just a specific piece of some potentially …