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Back to School Updates - Animoto, Prezi, and More

Now that we're midway through October, it's safe to say that we're officially back to school.  As I'm sure it has been with most teachers, the first weeks of the school year have been a whirlwind, and it's no different as the Technology Integration Specialist. Making sure that things are up and running on the hardware side, as well as supporting existing users of software and web applications, and integrating new technology with new classes, only now have I had the  chance to breathe a bit and catch up with all that is new in the world of edtech. And boy, was I greeted with some goodies! Continue on to see what's new with several of my favorite tools.

Rafflecopter - Organizing Your Giveaways, Promoting Your Brand

Article first published as Rafflecopter - Organizing Your Giveaways, Promoting Your Brand on Blogcritics. I like free stuff as much as the next person, though nowadays, I find even more pleasure giving away items to friends, family, and now to you, my loyal (or first time) readers. However, the process of collecting entries, selecting a winner, and distributing the prizes can be enough of a logistical headache that it takes all of the fun out of the joy of giving. Well, enter Rafflecopter , an amazingly simple and intuitive website application designed to give you all the tools you need to drum up some interest in your brand and make it easy to give away stuff to the masses. I got a chance to play around with the invite-only website, and I am also excited to announce my first official giveaway. Make sure you reach the end, but first, a look at the application.