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Outlook invitations - Yes, I will accept!

Ok, I know I'm late to the game with this MicrosoftExchange stuff, and maybe this is why everyone loves their Crackberrys, but I was amazed when I saw an calendar invitation pop up on my iPhone this morning. I had just reinstated my work Exchange account last week, reclaiming it from GoogleSync and this time I allowed for my work calendar to sync along with my email. When the invitation came through, I was given an option to view my calendar, which I did to make sure I was free, and then I accepted without a worry. My amazement stemmed from the fact that normally, I had to do all of these steps from a desktop computer and with Outlook open no less. With my Exchange account activated, my Google calendars synced with caldav, and my work schedule also integrated, I am that much closer to no longer being tied to a computer, a program such as Outlook, or even an office. Huzzah!
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How to get your Exchange account back from Google.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me until I was riding the bus yesterday to work, but I found out how to access my Exchange account at work again. I read about the new CalDAV support for iPhone 3.0 and strategized about how to sync my Google calendars and contacts without Exchange. Basically, here's my setup: Multiple Google calendar support through caldav accounts. Google contact sync with the app, Sync in a Blink. Voila! Available Exchange account for my work email and calendar. Best part of it all? Colors are totally in sync with the web version. I spent hours with GoogleSync guessing and checking to make sure the colors matched up. A more detailed post to come for AppleiPhoneSchool. Stay the meantime, feel free to add comments if you have questions or other suggestions.

7/4/09 UPDATE: Happy 4th of July! Check out the detailed article about using Sync in a Blink and getting your Exchange account back here.
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Internet Safety

One of my first projects as TSD (tech staff developer) was to research what's available in terms of Internet safety education online. I was impressed with what's featured at They have downloadable multimedia presentations along with speaker notes. I felt as if I could give the talk immediately! Here's my zoho notebook (another tool that I am finding quite useful) that will evolve and get updated as I continue this project.
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Setting up on Blogger was simple enough. Forwarding from to blogger was also manageable. Within hours, I had pointing to Unfortunately, it took a call to tech support at to determine why I could not point to blogger. Much to my surprise, however, the customer service at godaddy was exceptional (I've had other pretty positive experiences), and the problem was that I had set up a free hosting account at and thus had to delete that account. Within an hour, was up and running, and perhaps, that's what brought you here. So, if you're having trouble, and you've tried all the advice of several other posts as I did, check to see if my problem applies to you, and cross your fingers or give the friendly tech staff at a call.
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A new site, A better vision.

My current plan is to continue as my main tech blog, though it will most likely focus on gadgets and iPhone related posts. I will use my Sharepoint site at ETHS as my main CMS and website. Lastly, this site will hopefully be the bridge, the aggregator, the mashup, whatever you want to call it. Here we go!!!