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49ers Levi’s Stadium Offers A Glimpse Of A More Tech-Friendly NFL

Despite the NFL being by far the most popular sport in United States, the league is feeling a bit of pressure when it comes to technology and their fans. Just about everyone is connected to the internet or television throughout the weekend, which means that the NFL has to come up with new ways to get people off the couch and into the stadium. With new information regarding Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, will the 49ers usher in a new era? A person can be a rabid fan of the NFL who enjoys watching as many games as possible every Sunday. With that being said, in order to watch a lot of games and stay connected, a person needs to be at home or at a bar with a lot of televisions. Levi’s Stadium looks to change that thought process by allowing fans to actually stay connected while watching live football. The plan is to have wireless internet across the stadium, free of charge. Many seats will also have upgrades such as tablet orders on seats, television options and in-house video that pr

Catching Up - Chromebooks, Sony Education, Presenting, and ISTE 2013

Hard to believe that it's been a few months since the last post. During a recent offline plane ride, I took the opportunity to jot down a quick catch-up on my edtech life. Year of the Chromebook What started as an initial idea and prototype piece of hardware has now developed into one of the fastest growing contributors to the edtech world. Just as quickly as the iPad was annointed as a potential game-changer, the Chromebook has swooped in with its no frills, browser-based, low maintenance and easily managed iterations (the most popular being the budget friendly Samsung Series 3). It is hard to argue with the Chromebook as it manages to accomplish much of what is requested both from the IT department and classroom teachers. The devices are easy to deploy and manage, and they reduce the time needed to get students up and running. Could this be the machine that pushes more schools into the 1:1 playground and gets computers into the hands of all of our students? For our sc