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New Feature: What I Learned Today (WILT) - Adding Links to a SharePoint Document Library

It's been a record two months since the last post, but back to school specials are upon us and that means there's plenty to talk about as I enter year four as a Technology Integration Specialist. Over the past three years, I've been fortunate to work with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students. There is not a day where I am not learning something from either another teacher, a student, or through my own searches. In an attempt to get more posts (still focusing on quality), I'll be writing some shorter articles that feature something I learned. Based on the guiding principle that one question is likely shared by others, I'll try to document more of the questions that I get and the answers that I share with individuals. I'll categorize these as "What I Learned Today" or WILT (not the best acronym by any means), so as to search and find the label with ease.  Read on for the first WILT.