Using the iPad on a Daily Basis - How Apple changed the game for me

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With all of the attention I've been giving to my new beloved Droid X, I have take a moment to reflect on part of the reason that made my transition to Android so smooth and enjoyable. So, bear with me haters of Apple "fanboys", I'm going to dedicate this post to discuss why I love my iPad. Instead of just touting the device for its specs and all that it does well, I'll focus on where and why I choose to use my iPad over another device, and why it helps me with my everyday life. Still interested?  Read on...

On the Couch 
Immediately after the iPad's announcement, I knew that the device had the potential to be my couch companion. I was starting to use my laptop more and more as a reference tool or to multitask during a sports game. With the iPad, I can leave the laptop where it belongs on the computer desk, and use the sleek tablet when I need to look up something on IMDB, Google, or do a quick check of email.

In the Kitchen
I love to cook, yet I don't really use a lot of cookbooks. Usually, I'll type in a few ingredients that we have on hand, find a recipe and start preparing. I began using Evernote to store recipes, and soon, my laptop found its way into the kitchen in order to save paper.  With the iPad, I can quickly do the search, pull up a recipe, and save some valuable counter space all at once. I can also use the native Evernote app to review recipes and add notes on the recipe. Although I can listen to music in the background through iTunes, I would love to enjoy Pandora running instead.  Thus, I'm anxiously awaiting the iOS4 update on the iPad.

In the Morning
I've been on the verge of canceling my subscription to the Chicago Tribune. Much too often, the papers will collect without one of us reading them. I get a bit overwhelmed with the stacks of newspapers and feel a bit guilty when they head straight to the recycling bin. Part of my morning routine (yes, it may even include a trip to the "loo") includes reading articles on the Tribune, ESPN, and NYTimes all on the iPad.  The ability to instantly access the Internet and easily navigating through links and pages has to qualify as a game changer in that it will affect how people interact with web content.

It still can't open a beer or fix my toilet.
I will freely admit that the iPad is not flawless by any means. Obviously, I'd love to be able to access Flash content, as I'm limited at times as to which websites I can choose to peruse. Having experienced the Droid X's blazing speed and ability to do so many things at once, I can't help but notice that it is a bit annoying to switch back and forth between Mail, Safari, or any other app. There was a time when I thought the fade in/out iPhone/iPad animation was cool. That time is now long in the past. I don't find it too realistic to create long word processing documents or spreadsheets, despite the iPad friendly apps Pages and Numbers. And there's still the lack of customization that I would love to see Apple loosen its death grip on. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.

I love my iPad. 
There, I said it. The device has quickly become an essential gadget on my short list which includes my Droid X (for the road), my home laptop (currently a MBP), and my camera (Nikon D60). I recommend it over a Kindle, a Nook, or any other eReader. Although I'm intrigued by the Dell Streak and other Android tablets in the pipeline, they'll need to be released very soon, or else they'll be playing catch-up just like those who came after the iPod.
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Unknown said…
I love my iPad too! It revolutionizes personal computing! Or, at least it segments personal computing into different markets and into different user experiences. The iPad definitely feeds the need of one market segment.
chanatown said…
Totally agree - and I know it sounds like we're just regurgitating Steve's words here, but if Android tablets can provide a similar experience, I'll be happy to give them a test drive as well.

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