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I recall reading the announcement from the Official Google Blog about the new and improved Google Images, but it wasn't until my wife remarked 'Hey, they've really improved Google Images" that I decided to take a closer look.  Sure enough, Images has been enhanced with a denser layout, lots of scrollable images, larger thumbnails, and a hover preview. Since our students are using Images everyday for presentations, Animoto movies, and website creation, these changes come just in time for the back to school season.

While I have Google Images in mind, I recall seeing a pair of students playing a game one day in the lab using Google Images.  Titled Google Labeler, this "game" puts a pair of random people (you and another user) together to create labels for as many images as possible.  Trying this out today, I found this entertaining, earned a top score, and I could see a similar game being played in the classroom.  As an example, I can imagine science classes giving students a set of images and instead of telling them what they were looking at, they could have students try guessing labels with a partner.  It would be interesting to see what common labels each group came up and then using this as a starting point for a deeper discussion on the topic.  Another example would be an art class introducing a specific painter or style of art.
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