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GSuite Updates - March 28, 2017 - Capitalization and Calendar Privileges

Quick access to ALLCAPS and lowercase, as well as Title Case now available in Google Docs: Admins also have the ability to assign Calendar Privileges, specifically managing Calendar Resources and/or the Calendar app settings in general.   For more thoughts on Teaching and Learning Technology,  please consider subscribing to the RSS feed or through email . Facebook fans - get the latest posts, thoughts, musings, and giveaways. Give us a "Like" today.

Keep on Google Keepin' On - Why I'm Moving to Inbox by Gmail and Google Keep and Away from Google Tasks

Long time, no blog.  Yep, now that that's out of the way, let's dig into why I chose to write after a nearly two year hiatus. I pride myself on being responsive via email. My colleagues probably get sick of me talking about Inbox Zero, and my family probably despise me for keeping a mobile device nearby too often, but it's how I work. Until recently, my workflow has pretty much involved GMail, GCal, GTasks, and GDrive. I have given workshops and presentations on "Striving Towards Inbox Zero", and I haven't had much reason to change. However, Google's increasing attention to Reminders and their lack of love for GTasks have gotten me thinking about alternatives and not holding my breath that they will magically merge the two applications. Add to that the resurrecting buzz that Google Keep is generating in the edtech circles, and you've got a perfect time and opportunity for a change. That and it's spring break, which also explains my back