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Laptop Review: Sony Vaio S Series

Article first published as Laptop Review: Sony Vaio S Series on Blogcritics.  With Intel's creation of the "ultrabook" category, Windows PC makers may have carved out a highly marketable niche for laptops that appeal to a wide array everyday consumers.  Who wouldn't want a powerful yet extremely portable computer, one that looks good, is easy to whip out in a coffee shop, and can handle a nearly all-encompassing range of number crunching tasks? We're not talking about your child's netbook, nor the powerhouse machine that weighs down your shoulder bag and breaks into your savings account. Instead, we're looking at a close to sub-$1000 computer that weighs under 4 pounds, and can give you all the processing power that you need. Sony recently released its new Vaio S series, and I got a chance to play around with one of its newest laptops.