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On the New Job Reflections - Life as a Technology Staff Developer

It's been a whirlwind these first 2 months as Technology Staff Developer at ETHS. Here are some of the projects that have been keeping me busy:

Tablet PC Rollout/USB Wireless Installations: We've rolled out over 250 Tablet PC's to our staff with almost every department involved. This past summer, Humanities (English and History) along with Fine Arts teachers received the Lenovo X61 Tablets (I'm loving these especially when they come wtihXP and not Vista as their Toshiba M300 counterparts do). I've been training teachers on how to get started with the Tablet, basic inking in MS Word and PowerPoint, followed by how to use MS OneNote. I've also been installing Atlona wireless units to projectors so that teachers can connect to their projector wirelessly from their tablet.

Microsoft SharePoint: Since our web developer left in mid-September, I quickly became the SharePoint guru, so I've been learning a lot by trial and error. I've gained some appreciati…