Day One Notes from Midwest Google Summit 2012

Great day of sharing and learning at the 2nd Annual Midwest Google Summit (Wisconsin Dells, WI). I began the morning working with close to 100 attendees on creating and editing Google Sites. We had a lot of great ideas, questions, and I hope that everyone walked away with something new. With my presenter duties completed (thank you conference schedulers!), I got to sit back and enjoy the work of other presenters.  Hit the jump for some notes from the day one sessions.

Sources Links/Session Pages: 
Stacy Behmer
Lindsay Welch
Chad Kafka
Jamie Casap
"Bears vs. Packers" Session Notes

Lots of good stuff here, and as a side topic, I picked up a few new Chrome Extensions. Additional tips and tricks from Chad's preso.

Timer - great way to keep track of things without opening a separate tab or application.
Tab Cloud - great for bookmarking a set of tabs that opens up automatically (definitely will try this out for presentations in the future).

Picasa Web Albums - nice tip for collecting photos by having students send via email to a shared Picasa web album. Check out the Settings in Picasa Web Albums and type in a secret word which then gets incorporated into an email address. Share the link to others for a photos dropbox that send pictures directly to the web album.

Google Translate - World Language teachers can open U.S. websites and then use Google Translate to make it appear as another language.

More Google Translate - voice input (English original language) - after installing a Voice extension for Google Chrome, you can speak into the Google Translate box and then translate into a different language.

Google Inside Search and Google Search Posters offer some great resources for faculty and staff to educate students (and ourselves) on how to use Search effectively.

I forgot this tip, but students looking to search based on an existing image (already downloaded, looking for the source for citation) can do a "reverse image search" by uploading the image through Google Images and then viewing the search results.

Google Search Story Creator - I used this awhile back, but I was worried that Google discontinued this service.  Alas, the link is alive and provides a fun way to create new and engaging Google Search stories.

And this just in from the Twitter wire:  Google Docs Story Builder - looking forward to trying this out later in the week. The Wedding List story is always a crowd pleaser.

Quiettube - "videos without the distractions" - very cool way to eliminate the comments and "other stuff" that comes up when you use videos from YouTube. Available as a Chrome extension and you can then copy the direct link for use elsewhere.

Using Google Voice in the Classroom - lots of great ideas regarding the use of Voice. One really cool use involves having students record messages on the phone to the teacher's Google Voicemail allows the teacher to access the recorded messages on the web, as well as offer the ability to fadd notes, email results, download as .mp3, and embed (through HTML add).

Using templates are a great way to share Google Forms for use in other classrooms or departments.

Color code by level - using color in a Google Spreadsheet (from form data), teachers can quickly assess where students are and regroup as a class to differentiate instruction.

Transform data from a Google Spreadsheet (form data) and then use the Word Cloud (use tilde (~) symbol) gadget (Insert, Gadget, Word Cloud).  Too bad spreadsheet gadgets will be retiring in 2013. =(

Using generic answer sheets (blanks) Google Forms along with paper or projected questions can help with issues such as looking/searching for answers during an assessment as well as talk from one class to another later in the day.

Using Branch Logic with Formative Assessments - good idea for using Google Forms logic branching is for incorrect answers going towards a different set of questions whereas correct answers go elsewhere. Possible use for "flipped" classrooms and including assessments.

IFTTT - "If this, then that" - sets up automated actions based on If Then rules.

Live summary of results - nice trick - open the Summary of Responses for a Google Form in a new tab (command-click on link) and then use a Chrome Extension (Chrome Reload) set for a specific time interval (ex. every five seconds).

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Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your presentation today - it was nice meeting you & getting a chance to chat. - Jennifer Austin
chanatown said…
Jennifer - thanks for taking the time to comment. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional support with your Sites. Best, David

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