Playing With a Purpose - A Review of

This week, a colleague shared a great site that can used for creating games and playing them online. The site,, allows you to create and play new and existing interactive games. Currently, there are two different types of games, one being a standard multiple choice format, while the other is a marker type game where you need to click on the place where a specific word, term, or phrase belongs. For example, one of the site's more popular games, The States of the USA, records how long it takes for you to correctly identify the position of all 48 continental states.  There are similar examples for all the countries on the other continents.

Aside from Geography, science finds a lot of games readily available, as students can quickly assess whether they know the parts of the skeletal system or the elements of the periodic table. World Language teachers (including the teacher who sent me this link) will benefit greatly from having items such as colors, seasons, body parts and their corresponding foreign language vocabulary readily available in quiz format.

One of the nicest features of PurposeGames is how easy it is to simply start playing, and through playing comes learning. There are no accounts for students to create, and it reminds me of Quizlet, yet with the option to work with images and add your own backgrounds.  This is what makes PurposeGames particularly intriguing to me. With over 70 document cameras recently deployed school-wide, teachers with doc cams now have the ability to capture images of anything in the classroom. Our AverMedia CP-155s store these as JPEGs and this then plays nicely with PurposeGames.

With over 80,000 users, PurposeGames is not a new tool, but with ideal compatibility with SMARTBoards and integration with a document camera, teachers can easily create fun, interactive, and purposeful games using this unique web tool.  Or you could try to guess who I picked to win the Southwest region of the NCAA tournament instead.

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