AverMedia CP-155 Document Camera Review and Phase I Deployment

We initially ordered 10 document cameras for use with our Technology Demonstration Classroom program, but once these digital devices started getting used, word quickly spread on how useful and almost as important, how easy it was to get up and running with the machines. A new order of 15 cameras was received and we're in the process of deploying these to those interested teachers. Here's a quick review and run through for the AverMedia CP-155 document camera.

Phase I: Getting to know the machine
When introducing new technology, I always try to work 1-on-1 with teachers to ensure that they have a reasonably firm grasp on how to use the tool, and then I try to follow up with their first use to offer immediate tech support should something go wrong. With the CP-155, I spend a scant 10-15 minutes with the teacher, and he/she is off and running without a hitch. A brief check-in with the teacher the following week has thus far always resulted in an exclamation of joy and happiness with the ease of use, and how much the camera has already impacted the classroom.

Touring the CP-155
Once we're out of the box and set up (I route the teacher's computer through the CP-155, and then out to the projector), I go through all of the buttons on the machine, starting at the top and working around clockwise:

  • Mode: Change between Graphics, Text, and High Frame
  • Camera/PC: Switch between PC and Doc Cam
  • Playback: View stored images, also with slideshow option (can zoom/pan/scan)
  • Cap/Del: Capture live image to view in Playback
  • AutoImage: Automatically adjusts white balance and exposure
  • AutoFocus: Autofocuses when image is not clear
  • Freeze: Pause the camera (cannot zoom/pan/scan)
  • Menu: Pulls set of menus for more options

Phase II
Again, this is just the beginning. There is a ton of additional things that the CP-155 can do, especially when coupled with the desktop and/or Tablet PC. During our next phase of deployment, I plan to introduce teachers to the Aver+ software, which will allow teachers to annotate on live drawings, capture video, time lapse photography, and more. Until then, the document camera has made a dramatic impact on our classrooms, eliminating the need for a bulky transparency overhead machine, and promoting more sharing of student work, primary source documents, and live demonstrations.

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