This Week in Chanatown - Jailbreaking iPhone, Screen Captures, Dropbox, Android Sports Widgets, Online Math Games

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Well, another week has come and gone with a post per day. A story arc appeared as jailbreaking the iPhone started and ended the week. On Monday, I reflected on my experience freeing up my iPhone and how ultimately, I still wasn’t satisfied. Tuesday, I offered teachers and other readers a summary of how to capture screenshots on multiple platforms. Dropbox was suggested as a possible flash drive replacement on Web Wednesday. Thursday’s review was a roundup of the best sports widgets available on Android. I then discussed how learning math can be fun with a few basic online games on Friday, and we came full circle with a discussion of how iPhone 4 users are still tempted by the additional features that become available when one jailbreaks. August marks the return to school, but we still have a few weeks remaining. As always, thanks for reading.
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