iPhone 4 users still encouraged to jailbreak

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An interesting read from the NYTimes (through ReadWriteWeb) was published this week that cited several reasons why iPhone 4 users are still encouraged to jailbreak. I wrote about my jailbreaking experience earlier this week, so it's a nice way to close out the week with a proper story arc. Let's take a closer look at some of what the writer proposes.

WiFi hotspot
I have to agree that although tethering is now an option with Apple, it is expensive, and still doesn't quite the same functionality as a mobile hotspot. As an Android user, I'm anxiously awaiting Froyo (Android 2.2) as the mobile hotspot feature is built-in. Unfortunately, Verizon will probably put the clamps on that one, so I will either stick with PDANet (for tethering) or pony up the monthly charge. +1 for the jailbreak iPhone team?

FaceTime and More on 3G
I agree again - My3G allows you to "trick" your iPhone into thinking it's in Wifi mode. I used this with my Slingbox before the app officially allowed usage over 3G. I'd be curious as to how FaceTime does work over the 3G only network. I can't think of many apps on Android that work on Wifi only, so this is not an issue for me anymore.

Unlocking the phone
I never went this far with my jailbroken phone. However, one of the biggest reasons for my defection from AT&T was the poor service. It quickly became a big joke about how you won't do much calling with the iPhone, so I just accepted it. Now that I'm back with Verizon, I am confident that I can make and receive calls in previous dead zones because I'm now on the better network. Thus, until the iPhone becomes available on other carriers, I can see why unlocking and switching carriers would appeal to iPhone users.

More Settings, More Customization
This was one of the biggest reasons I jailbroke my phone, and it's also one of the greatest advantages that Android phones have over the iPhone. It's a whole new world with the Droid X (and other Android phones). There are more settings than I know what to do with, and the ability to customize one's homescreen with widgets and wallpapers is really what takes the cake for me.   
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