49ers Levi’s Stadium Offers A Glimpse Of A More Tech-Friendly NFL

Despite the NFL being by far the most popular sport in United States, the league is feeling a bit of pressure when it comes to technology and their fans. Just about everyone is connected to the internet or television throughout the weekend, which means that the NFL has to come up with new ways to get people off the couch and into the stadium. With new information regarding Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, will the 49ers usher in a new era?

A person can be a rabid fan of the NFL who enjoys watching as many games as possible every Sunday. With that being said, in order to watch a lot of games and stay connected, a person needs to be at home or at a bar with a lot of televisions. Levi’s Stadium looks to change that thought process by allowing fans to actually stay connected while watching live football.

The plan is to have wireless internet across the stadium, free of charge. Many seats will also have upgrades such as tablet orders on seats, television options and in-house video that provides constant updates from around the rest of the NFL.

Implementing all of these changes in older stadiums will be difficult, but at the very least, offering wireless internet at every stadium is pretty much a must at this point. Just about everyone who wants to stay connected has a smart phone or tablet, which means that the internet is a necessity. In the age of fantasy football, people would love to check how their team is doing during timeouts and half time.

The technology evolution has been going on for a while in the NFL, but Levi’s Stadium, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, looks to really change the game in more ways than one. Since they are hosting Super Bowl L that might be the big game that officially changes the way fans enjoy a life football event.

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