Best Online Countdown Timers for the Classroom, Kitchen, etc.

When I taught in the classroom, I would use an old fashioned egg timer, or keep an eye on my stopwatch.  Nowadays, teachers can post an electronic timer on their projector screen, set multiple timers, and even make class a bit more interactive through a fun and engaging countdown.  Here are seven options - feel free to leave a comment if you have more suggestions.

Classic - does have ads, but they become minimal when in full screen mode.

Egg Timer: - simple, clean, text based, and some cute extras if you're interested.

Really, an egg timer: - nice look/feel, reminds me of the old egg timer...

Online Timer: - different look/feel, plus a nice interface if you want multiple timers.

ClassTools: - silly/fun music to accompany some preset timer options, plus the ability to add your own soundtrack, includes embed code as well.

iPad Friendly: - those on mobile devices may have some trouble with these timers if they're Flash-based.  This simple appropriately named site shows up just fine.  Ad supported.

If you like bunnies - random!!!

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