iPad Accessory Review: The Indy Bag by WaterField Designs

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When you think of Indiana Jones, a few iconic images immediately come to mind. The rolling stone ball from Raiders’; the cheesy map transitions when traveling, and of course the accessories. Indy’s hat, whip, and satchel were all prominently featured throughout the movie series, and all were vital in ensuring that evil doers were thwarted while precious historical artifacts were returned to where they naturally belonged (in a museum, of course). With another round of iPads recently announced, and another surely on the way, it’s time to pause and reflect on accessories and some of the best ways to tote your prized portable tablet in style. In this review, we take a look at the Indy Bag by WaterField Designs.

Simply Put, Luxuriously Elegant
Immediately upon unveiling the Indy, I knew that this was a high quality bag. I had read some positively glowing reviews of other WaterField products, but words became a reality when I found myself uttering similarly boisterous phrases upon my first encounter with the leather bag. The minimalist design coupled with attention to detail brings to fruition an innovative carrying companion specifically made for the iPad. The large main pocket runs deep and provides ample space for your iPad, though not quite enough for a Macbook Air (No penalty here; I thought I might as well try).

Additional inner pockets provide space for cables and accessories, but bulk is not necessarily encouraged as the bag is constructed to maintain a svelte look with the zipper closure. Speaking of which, I loved the “hidden” look of the zipper. With nearly all of my shoulder laptop bags, there’s the traditional flap closure that can be a bit cumbersome at times. The Indy provides easy access to the pocket for the most important person (you) and keeps the access hidden from others looking to snatch your precious computer.
WaterField does not stop with the bountiful space on the inside. On the exterior of the Indy lies two additional pockets, one on each side.

The front contains a soft “Ultrasuede” pocket designed to hold your mobile device and keep it smudge free as well. For more security but easier access than opening the inner pocket, there’s a zippered pocket on the back of the Indy, and this is where I opted to store loose papers (ex. mail) that I would need to access in a jiffy. Both pockets are well stitched and I had little worry about anything getting lost or falling out as a result.

It’s Not a Purse, It’s a Carry-All
Surely, the biggest debate that will carry on with the Indy is its unique vertical rectangular shape. Some will call this a satchel, while others will deem it a man-purse or “murse”. A classic Seinfeld episode effectively summarizes the male carry-all stereotypes, but in this day and age, with larger phones, smaller laptops, and the in between category of tablets, it makes complete sense to have a transportation vehicle (read: bag) to effectively stow one’s device(s). This is especially true if we are aiming to leave the laptop behind and live solely on a tablet and a smartphone. In this case, a bag such as the Indy makes perfect sense, and why should we settle for something ugly when we can have a design that would please even those at Apple.

As mentioned above, the level of detail found on the Indy impresses me, and writing about the bag makes me want to use it even more. I didn’t particularly care for the green accent stripe included on my review model, but you can select a different color scheme for yours (or maybe you’d like the neon). Without a doubt, you’ll be turning heads with the Indy. Of course, you’ll also need to be comfortable fielding an occasional question about your decision to purchase a satchel, but how many people are noticing your current black laptop bag nowadays? It’s 2013, and it’s time to establish new trends. The Indy can be purchased from WaterField Designs for $179 at sfbags.com.

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