Reflections from IETC 2012 Day One

I'm currently at the Illinois Education and Technology Conference (IETC). I'll be presenting today on Screencasting later in the day, but first I enjoyed some moments from Dr. Gary Stager's keynote presentation. I've been a fan of Dr. Stager since I first heard him present - he's passionate, engaging, and a bit over the top (in a good way). For a detailed notes and tutorial site for my Screencasting session, click here. For my notes of some highlighted sessions, hit the jump.

  • Virtual handout available here
  • The "Best" Ideas in the World: Fab/Personal fabrication, Reggio Emilia, OLPC, Generation YES, El Sistema, 826 Valencia, Big Picture Schools
  • Common elements: Project-Based Learning and Personal Computing
  • Using the computer to make things that would have been otherwise impossible. 
  • MIT Technology Review, Buzz Aldrin cover - "We've stopped solving big problems."
  • Constructive/Computational Media - greatest ROI/most learning
  • The DIY Revolution - literature, tv shows, returning projects to students, access to expertise and reducing passivity
  • Fab and Fab labs - Neil Gershenfeld, Bricolage
  • 3D printers - design you own and actually make it
  • Super Awesome Sylvia -
  • "If you make simple things easy to do, you make complexity possible."
  • Design video games:
  • Fractions: write a program that will draw a representation of any fraction in a circle.
  • Reggio Emilia - city in Italy - rebuild community by investing in early childhood education
  • Amusement Park for Birds
  • Better Prompts: Brevity, Ambiguity, (post it note and vague), Immunity to assessment (reality is the feedback)
  • Best advice: "Less Us, More Them!"
  • Saturday morning - Make Memories

iPads in the Classroom Notes
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Everything online
  • Edmodo
  • Reflection app to display iPad on PC
  • Handwritten Notes Lite for note taking
  • GoodNotes
Every teacher needs:
  • QR code reader
  • -free generator lets you create more than just URLs, customize the look too.
  • QR bookmarklet in your browser - creates QR code for current website
  • Free cloud storage - Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Ability to open and edit office documents - CloudOn
  • Evernote -stores passwords,how tos and to dos
  • Timers- Jumbo Stopwatch, Chronolite (multiple timers)
Creativity tools:
  • Mind mapping tools- inspiration maps lite (5 maps at a time), idea sketch, poppet lite, mind mash
  • Sideshow creation tools- animoto, haikudeck (simple presentation editor)
  • Fun - Puppet Pals and Toontastic, Sock Puppet (voice scrubbing)
  • Screen casting - educreations, screen chomp, show me
  • Digital Posters- Pic Collage,
  • Story- Story Kit, Comic Touch Lite
  • Clickers- Socrative

STEM in Math and Science
  • Learning products- Google Sites,
  • Increased engagement, hands-on,
  • Products- Stella $500/district
  • Vision, Skills (cognitive and social/life)
  • Engineering Design/Problem Solving Process - mindset for students
  • Problem Based Learning - Inquiry embedded in curriculum
  • Library of STEM lessons
  • Robotics club, Lego mindstorms, Botball competition
  • STEM camp, family nights - exposure to activities
  • Lessons - 1-2 hour lessons focused on problem solving, embedded within core courses
  • Engineering is elementary curriculum (paid)
  • Student blogs- discussions
  • Lessons at
  • - library of hands-on activities
  • Mindstorms - mobile collection devices, Vernier probes too
  • PhET - free online simulations
Online Discussions

  • Too Long?
  • Not moving discussion forward
  • Setting Expectations - what is a substantial post?
  • Create a Safe Space
  • Substantial posts - move the conversation forward
  • Discussion Board Expectations - no points for flexibility, rubric

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