Apple Configurator and Paid App Codes

As we continue to learn about deploying iPad carts in the classroom, I wanted to document two findings that were giving us trouble recently. First, when we updated the Macbook laptops to Mountain Lion (10.8), we were encountering an error when attempting to import spreadsheets with the app codes. A discussion forum revealed that others were having the same issue and despite a suggested workaround (that didn't work for me), the solution finally came in an app update to the Configurator (v1.2).  This is now available in the App Store and all is well again with paid app spreadsheet imports.

The other issue that I was having was that it seemed we needed to buy an extra code for the laptop, though this doesn't make sense. After speaking with an engineer from Apple, it was suggested to do the following: 1) Redeem an app code on the laptop. 2) Download the spreadsheet again from VPP. 3) Import the spreadsheet into Configurator.  We tested this yesterday with 30 app codes for 30 iPads, and it worked like a charm.  Not 100% sure why, but I'm glad we won't have to pay for an extra app.

UPDATE: here's a video that I created to illustrate the process. Hope it helps!

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