Updated Google Drive for iOS Finally Brings Docs Editing to the iPad

Yes, I know that we were able to edit Google Docs through Safari, and the process was a bit better through the Chrome native app. However, during the first few weeks of our iPad cart rollouts, I have been hesitant in recommending Google Docs as the main word processing option, which is a huge shame since all of our students already have accounts and they have gotten used to using them in many of their other classes. With a Galaxy Nexus phone in tow for the past few months, I have had the luxury of using the Android app and desperately wondered why the developers could not bring a similar experience to the iPad. Well, Apple vs. Google battles aside, the day has come and I was so very excited to test the updated (9/10/12) app on my iPad this weekend.

First, editing docs is now a very simple and fast process. No longer is navigation a challenge getting to and from your documents and the rich text editor. You can create, edit, and even do some light formatting of docs all through the updated Drive application. A less promoted feature but a huge one for our students is the ability to move documents into existing folders directly through the application. We use Hapara's Teacher Dashboard at ETHS, so the students have their class folders already created. Now, with the ability to move docs into folders, they can take their newly created essays, their updated journals and share them with their teachers simply by moving them into their class folders, all from their iPads. This makes a classroom cart of iPads even more functionally useful since students can log in and out of the Drive application with ease.

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