Day Two - Staying on the Move

I was able to sneak in a 15 minute lunch, but other than that, I was again on the move throughout the building working in a lot of different classrooms. More setup on the iPad carts working with a few teachers, and then we successfully used the Chromebooks with three classes today. Coupled with Hapara's Teacher Dashboard, we've got a powerful solution for Google Apps and one that makes it very efficient for teachers to stay organized with their students' documents. Here are some of today's SBS moments. (I'm changing the acronym to Solved By Searching - . I just couldn't live with WILTs!)

Burning a Data Disc on Mac/PC
I need to make a quick copy of a DVD for backup purposes.  First, I looked up a free solution for PCs (CD Burner XP - works for Windows 7 as well), but then realized that I needed to do it on the Mac.  Apparently, OS X does this through Disk Utility, so it was a quick and easy procedure.

Screen Capturing on a Google Chromebook
Lastly, I wanted a reminder on how to take screen shots on a Chromebook and I found the shortcut needed.  Add that shortcut to the arsenal of screenshot tips and tricks.

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