Clicker Support and iPad Cart First Looks

Today, I visited two classroom teachers who have deployed iPad carts and it will be interesting to have us meet as a cohort (five carts in total) next week. Day-to-day maintenance and some introductions to using the tablet devices have varied, yet all has gone relatively smoothly thus far. Some early highlights include using a web clip to link to a teacher's website as well as our Google Apps login, and completing an intro survey Google Form on the iPad. We also realized that connecting the iPads after each class may be optional since syncing may not be necessary in between periods and the battery life of the iPad allows us to go for potentially several days without ever needing a cable.

Solved By Searching: Turning Point Clickers
I started out the day assisting with clickers and was able to fix a channel issue as well as automatically set Turning Point to open when clicking on any PowerPoint file.

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