iPhone Accessory Review: Custom Case-Mate ID Case

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 An iPhone case is often one of the first accessories that new owners purchase, and the selection for cases is quite extensive. Thus, searching for a unique case can be quite the challenge, and one that the folks at Zazzle.com have decided to embrace by offering a completely customizable option. I was given a chance to design and review a case courtesy of Zazzle. Below is a quick review.

The design process couldn't have been any easier. Either choose from a cornucopia of existing designs or embark on the create your own process. One of the first steps to creating is to choose from a limited set of case designs. Then, simply upload an image and add some text (optional), adjust the placement of your image, and you'll have a case ready to go within minutes. I chose the "Barely There Universal Case-Mate ID" case to customize, and uploaded an image that I took from a trip to Belize a few years ago. For those looking to share their work with others and possibly earn a commission if they have a popular design, you can create a simple storefront or just feature a direct link to your customized product (here's my iPhone case design).

Zazzle frequently runs generous promotions including offers for discounted shipping (including one to get 2-day shipping in town for the holidays), so you should have no trouble getting a decent deal. My case arrived within a few days of ordering, and the accessory certainly lived up to its own hype in being lightweight, almost too light for my taste. However, Case-Mate claims that the material is durable and impact-resistant, and the case fits the iPhone 4 well. The package included a screen protector, a nice touch that can save you a few bucks. One of the best features of the case was the additional slot for two cards (an ID and a credit card, perhaps?) As electronic payment systems such as Google Wallet gain more momentum, a traditional wallet may eventually become obsolete, and cases such as this one may become the norm.

In a world of standard one-color cases, or cases that add a lot of bulk to what should be a lightweight device, it is refreshing to find a option to easily design your own case and make it signify who you are. Just as the airport conveyor belt was once littered with numerous black bags, we are now seeing more unique luggage, and the cell phone case market may soon experience the same transformation. 

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