Live @ ISTE 2011 - Implementing VoiceThread and Introducing VoiceThread Mobile

The following is the live feed (or if you're reading this after the event - the archived feed) of a session presented during ISTE 2011 titled "Implementing VoiceThread in a School or District" and "Mobile VoiceThread."

The sessions took place on Sunday, June 26, 2011 from 3:30-5:30 pm (EST) at the Philadelphia Courtyard Marriott.

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Ruth said…
Thanks for the "cover it live". When I heard on Plurk that you were doing this, I came right over to see. I'm the district Admin for VT at my school division and I totally missed this session somehow. Thanks agin!!
chanatown said…
You bet. There seemed to be some confusion as to which Marriott the session was being held at. I'm glad the live blogging helped out. It helps me take notes and keep my thoughts straight. Hope to continue for the rest of the conference.
Katie Bordner said…
David- Just found this. When do they plan on releasing the mobile version? I can't find it on the app store.
chanatown said…
Hi Katie,
No official release date was mentioned, though they repeatedly said that the app would be available by the fall, and I believe September is the target month.
Thanks for reading,

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