SMART Notebook 10.7 Review and Testing of the New 800 Series Features

Although the software has been released for a few months, we are just getting a few new boards installed and I have had a chance to explore more of the new features found in SMART Notebook 10.7. So, here are some observations from the update as well as how the new features integrate nicely with the 800 series board.

Multi-touch experience and Freestyle interaction (800 only) - This is a big update as the board can now accommodate multiple (ok, only two) users to write or manipulate objects at the same time.  Think competitions and collaborations - side-by-side solutions of math problems, or multi-user teams working on solving a puzzle. The freestyle interaction also allows for throwing of objects from one part of the screen to the other.  This comes in handy for two person lesson activities and even a makeshift game of Pong.

Touch gestures (800 only) - As more and more students become accustomed to using touch on their smart phones and tablet devices, the ability to pinch and zoom using one- and two-finger gestures becomes a part of their natural sense of interaction with devices. SMART made the right choice to include these gestures in the updated hardware/software. No longer do you have to search for the resizing circle in the bottom right.

Object awareness (800 only) - With better sensors to detect a finger, pen, fist, or eraser, teachers will spend less time clicking on the toolbar or wondering whether they are truly using the intended input device. Move an object or erase handwriting with your fist, without ever putting your pen down. This feature update makes for a much improved SMARTBoard experience.

Calligraphic pen and SMART Ink (all boards) - For those like me who don't find their handwriting too flattering on the SMARTBoard, the addition of the calligraphic pen is a welcome addition to smooth out my scribbles. Handwriting recognition is still enabled with this feature as well.

SMART Notebook software tutorials (all boards) - One thing I really wanted when introducing teachers to a new SMARTBoard was an introduction tutorial, and 10.7 includes just that. A well designed and detailed notebook file now awaits users when opening SMART Notebook for the first time. Teachers can keep the file for reference after initial training sessions.

For more information on the 10.7 update, visit this link on

To download SMART Notebook 10.7, please visit the downloads page here. 

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