Changing the Language in Google Docs

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One of the most common calls I get on Google Docs is when the user opens their documents and finds that their language settings have been altered without their knowledge. Often, this results in the inability to effectively work in Docs, so I've created a video that illustrates how to identify the settings needed in order to change the language back to the desired choice.  Check out the YouTube embed after the jump.

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melissa said…
This happens to you too? It's been happening to us for awhile. I put in trouble ticket with Google and gave them some logs, the ticket is still open. Thanks for the video.
chanatown said…
Yes, we've had some trouble with this for awhile, though I rarely experience the problem when I use Docs. I often use Chrome, so maybe the other browsers (which our faculty and students use) are more likely to get the error. I've seen the open ticket, but I haven't seen many updates, so I wanted to make sure there was a video available to assist. Thanks for the comment.
Virg said…
What if you do as above, and the all mighty Docs decides that it point blank WONT change the language, using instead the 'local' (IP) language? If you look at the google help site you'd find such reports going as far back as 2009!!!! Poor google can't possibly figure out a problem of this magnitude (language change) in less than 2 years...well may be they could, but the poor things are way too busy adding alll sort of features to te app to worry about little things like language change, which effectively makes the whole thing USELESS to many users... Oh well... maybe M$ will do it?
chanatown said…
Your frustration is heard loud and clear. I agree that the help site does not provide much support on this issue at least. It will be interesting to see what traction MS gets with its online equivalent of Docs and how smooth the program is for users.
Thanks for the comment.

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