Using the AverMedia CP-155 Document Camera to Record Video (and More)

As we've been deploying document cameras to more teachers at ETHS, my first meeting with teachers generally involves setting up the machine, introducing them to the basic functions of the device, and then discussing some general ideas for how to use the machine. This month, we've continued with the second wave of training, which involves installation and exploration of the Aver+ software that is available for download from AverMedia.

After sitting down with the doc cam and the software, I've developed a short list of core uses for teachers and demonstrated them in several workshops this past week. Topping the list of features are the following:

  • Capturing images from the document camera for immediate use in any program
  • Time lapse photography settings for up to 72 hours (space permitting)
  • Recording live audio and video of anything demonstrated under the doc cam
  • Annotating over live or captured objects (a bit clunky, but when using a Tablet PC, can be serviceable)
  • Creating screencasts of anything on the computer desktop, including live images from the doc cam

Two sample videos can be found in my basic refresher slideshow as seen below. I'm looking forward to using the doc cam to create more object based tutorials (e.g. how to setup hardware such as clickers, smartboards, Tablet PC's), and I know that teachers are excited at the spectrum of possibilities that the above feature set can offer to their classrooms.

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