Recommended iPhone Apps for New Verizon Users - Part II

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With a sudden influx of iPhone users enjoying their first weekend with their new smartphone, I suspect many will be spending a fair amount of time getting cozy with iTunes loading up on apps. Today, we pick up where we let off and dish out some of the best apps for you to consider for that shiny new device.

Instagram (Free) -  This app is all over the social networks lately. With its quick and easy interface for dressing up pictures with filters, or just for sharing and tagging images taken by all of us amateur photographers, Instagram is a great free app to check out. A similar buzz-generating photo app is Hipstamatic ($1.99) which takes things onto a whole new level with the ability to simulate the look and feel of classic cameras. This one's definitely worth a look if you're interested in photography as a hobby.

iMovie ($4.99) - One of the reasons I envy iPhone 4 users is the high quality still and video camera that come with the smartphone. Forget about megapixels as my Droid X may have better specs on paper. The truth is that the iPhone takes better pictures and higher quality videos, and with the retina display, those captures will look that much better. Add in some basic editing software, such as iMovie, and you've got a powerful little studio in the palm of your hand.


Dropbox (Free) - I can't praise this app enough as I wrote in a post last year on how to potentially eliminate your flash drive. Similar to Evernote, what really impresses me is the availability of the tool across platforms as Dropbox can be (and has been by this writer) installed on multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, all allowing the same access to your online documents.

Evernote (Free) - I use Evernote as a key component in my quest for Inbox Zero and getting things done. Whether storing notes on students, passwords, or dessert recipes, Evernote makes it very easy to capture and then sync all of your items. Overall, it's just a well-polished application that is available on nearly every platform just like Dropbox. This makes the tool readily accessible and you'll never be too far away from your notes with the iPhone app.

GoodReader ($2.99) - You would hardly think a PDF reader would make it into a recommended app list, not to mention one that is going to set you back a few bucks. However, there is something about GoodReader that has made it a popular download among both iPhone and iPad users alike. Perhaps, it's the multitude of features that the program offers, including annotations, markups, and highlights.

Social Networking

Facebook (Free) - Let's face it, all of that time spent on these smartphones is really used for one thing: Facebook. On my commute to and from work, I constantly see Facebook as the number one app used by people in motion. Whether it's posting status updates or catching up with friends, you'll want the native app that can keep you connected to all that is important (or not so important) in your social network.

Twitter (Free) - Before Twitter bought atebits, the maker of one of more of the more popular Twitter iPhone clients, there was a lot of competition as to who had the best iPhone Twitter app. The now re-branded Twitter (formerly Tweetie) is currently my go-to app of choice for those 140 character updates. For an alternative, I will say that I do like Tweetdeck as well with their design interface.


Google Translate (Free) - Going on a trip anytime soon? Need a quick translation but left your dictionary at home? Google's got you covered with its solid translating application that contains over 50 languages. Better yet, you can speak instead of typing for over a dozen languages and listen to translations for over 20 languages. Chances are languages will be added with updates, so this app will eventually be useful to you if it isn't already. 
ESPN ScoreCenter (Free) - Sure, there are other contenders (Sportacular immediately jumps to mind) but I kept coming back to the app from the folks in Bristol, Conn. I like that it ties to my ESPN account on the Web, and since I use that regularly, my favorite teams are always close by. I do wish for a speedier refresh at times, but I've had the most success with this app. I've also grown to become overly familiar with its interface, so much that making a switch becomes increasingly difficult.


Yelp (Free) - Quick, what's the nearest coffee shop that's currently open and also serves sweet potato fries? Well, if you didn't know the answer, the Yelp app probably does, and users can find all of their favorite restaurants, bars, and clubs as well as receive tips on specials, discounts, and more.

Open Table (Free) - Need to find a sushi place in the western suburbs of Chicago? I might use Yelp. Need to make a reservation at that restaurant and earn some restaurant cash in the process? I'll take Open Table with its very easy, fast, and convenient application. Linked to your account, the Open Table app also lets you cancel or modify existing reservations, and comes in quite handy even when you need a table in the next 15 minutes.


Find my iPhone (Free) - A nice feature that was made free to iPhone and iPad users with the recent iOS update, this application allows you to track down a missing iOS device provided you've signed up for an account. No one wants to lose their iPhone, but it would be pretty cool to use this tracking tool to find out whose hands your iPhone actually landed in.

Of course, there will be apps that have been left out (feel free to recommend them in the comments). However, I think the 30+ apps listed above and in yesterday's roundup are enough to get any new iPhone user up and running with a solid set of apps across the spectrum. Enjoy your new phone Verizon subscribers!

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