NavJack iPad Cases Review: Corium and Executive Planner

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NavJack iPad Case
In 2010, we saw the iPad kick start the tablet market by defining the device's form, function and interface. As a result, sales of the "magical" device skyrocketed and created a ton of opportunities for developers (free and paid applications) as well as distributors of peripherals and cases. As I wrote earlier last year, a gadget case can serve the purpose of aiding the form as well as the function of its insides, and today, we look at two options that seem to do both for the iPad.

NavJack iPad Corium Carbon/Glass Fiber Series

carbon fiber iPad case
Distributed by Digital Foci, the iPad Corium case is a thin, sleek, and sexy (you'll be hearing this again, I apologize in advance) case that fits your iPad like a glove. Consisting of an extremely light single sheet of carbon and glass fiber with four raised corners, the iPad snuggles up inside the case with ease and the addition of weight is barely noticeable. What is noticeable is how smooth the back of the Corium feels, as opposed to the cold metallic feel of the iPad. With the four corner design, all ports are accessible, and the speakers are unobstructed. Compared to another case sleeve that I've used, the Corium excels in that the front of the iPad is completely visible, and you can still see and touch the original aluminum case of the device. This makes it seem as if the case is truly a part of the device rather than an extension of it. 

NavJack iPad carbon fiber case
The positives outweigh the few negatives in terms of the iPad Corium. For some reason, when using my iPad in this case, I find no other word that describes it better than "sexy." The case makes me want to hold the iPad that much longer, and it makes the reading experience that more comfortable due to its lighter weight compared to other case sleeves. It also provides an improved feel over than the iPad by itself. I could envision some thinking that the case is too smooth and thus slippery, but I have not had any close accidents thus far, and I feel that the case provides a better grip over the iPad sans case.

As far as case sleeves are concerned, the Corium is the ultimate luxury. Carbon fiber is known to be the best material in terms of its strength to weight ratio. The price ($119) is surely going to induce some dropping jaws, but for those looking for the definitive look and feel of an iPad case sleeve, why settle for anything less than the strongest, lightest, thinnest, and you guessed it, the "sexiest". 

The NavJack iPad Corium case is available in Deep Charcoal, Thistle Silver, and Taupe Gray.

NavJack iPad Executive Planner

NavJack iPad planner case
Also distributed by Digital Foci, the iPad Executive Planner offers a solution for those looking to use their iPad in meetings as well as a presentation device. The portfolio type case has a silicon mold on the inside that allows for an easy insert and removal of your iPad. I will interject right now to mention that this is extremely beneficial for those (this author included) who occasionally (or often) run through cases like women go through shoes. Once in the mold, there are cutouts for the headphone jack, charging/sync cable, sound lock, and speakers. As is often the case with cutouts, you have to dig a little to toggle the sound lock, but the case mold is very forgiving, so it ends being a non-issue.

NavJack iPad planner case
The case cover protects the front of the iPad and gives the device a look reminiscent of a fancy day planner, hence the name "Executive Planner." There is a magnetic closure tab that also folds back into the case when not in use. What differentiates the case from other portfolio cases are the four business card holders that cleverly double as slots for the iPad. These slots offer multiple viewing angles that are great for sharing photos, videos, or watching a movie. I don't tend to use my iPad for long typing experiences, but the lowest slot provides a decent angle, and the iPad rests quite comfortably when not in any of the slots and ends up being the best angle for typing then.

Priced at $59.95, the Executive Planner is competitive with other premium portfolio type cases. With the leatherette material and the silicon molding, the case's only major downside is the additional weight. However, I would argue that those looking for this type of case want something a bit more durable, something that they can shove into a bag or briefcase and not think twice about damaging. And when they pull the portfolio out of their bag, they can rest assured that the quality stitching, interior felt, and diamond weave or plain leather pattern will provide a stylish yet completely functional case for their iPad.

The NavJack iPad Executive Planner case is available in White Diamond Weave and Black with Green Trim. 

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