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We are closing in on published post #200 here at Chanatown (stay tuned for the black tie gala), and I am proud of most of the content that I've managed to contribute to the Interwebs over the course of a year. Some of my more prominent articles are gaining a fair amount of recognition on Google search, but others remain buried in the archives. With the hopes of bringing some of the still relevant and noteworthy pieces back to the forefront, I chose to implement the widget LinkWithin to show related posts with thumbnails after each article.

keep it simple
Perhaps, the best part of the application is its simplicity. I was asked for my email address, my blog website, the platform, and how many related stories to show, and upon clicking on the "Get Widget" button, I was taken to a visual instructions page that also had a link to install the widget directly through your Blogger dashboard. Within minutes, I had the widget in place and in position below each post.

and make it elegant
Also within minutes, I began to see the widget doing its job, including four related posts with included thumbnails. I love the minimalist design of the widget, and the four post width seems to fit perfectly with my blogger template. I did observe a few posts that did not contain pictures, so I updated the posts accordingly. Unfortunately, LinkWithin has not picked up the images yet, though this may change over time. The selected posts seem to mesh well with the main post, as I've noticed that posts with iPad, Android, or Google references are all getting sorted out to their respective places.

Before I stumbled upon LinkWithin, I actually found a few sites that offered the same functionality, but with a lot more coding and template manipulation. I am currently trying to stay away from messing around with my template because as the website gets bigger and more intricate, it becomes more of a challenge to manage.

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