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September brings lots of back to school deals: 10 cent folders, 25 cent crayon packs, 50 cent composition notebooks. How about a $95 online award-winning SMARTBoard course for free? This offer came via the SMARTBoard Ning, and I recently forwarded it to several of our existing SMARTBoard users. So, how does the course hold up and is it worth the price of free? More after the jump.

Good morning Mrs. Blossom!
Once you've updated your account with some basic information, you can jump right into the suggested 2-hour course. Mrs. Blossom's SMARTBoard course covers eight separate modules with topics ranging from a general overview and using SMART Notebook to creating interactive lessons and the lesson activity toolkit. Each module includes an animated tutorial followed by a 10 question Chapter Review Assessment. Also included are downloadable files which include a chapter review PDF and a chapter summary with examples ZIP file. 

Course Evaluations
As with many online education experiences, it's often about how much effort the user puts in that determines how much learning actually occurs. I completed module 1 at home, though I plan on completing the remaining modules at school and preferably near a SMARTBoard. I would recommend any current users who have access to a board either in their classroom or in a shared room to dedicate a few hours to complete the course. The topics included in the course offer enough of a variety to satisfy every beginner and most intermediate users. Advanced users may find the material to be too basic, so I'd recommend a different training experience, and perhaps, SMART's own certification program might be worth considering.  

Final Recommendations
It's hard to argue with a free product, right? However, time is money, and one doesn't want to waste 2 hours of time on a course or learning opportunity that is poorly designed. Mrs. Blossom's online SMARTBoard course is not an example of this, but rather a well designed program created by teachers for teachers. Also, Tech Coordinators or Integration Specialists could use the course as an opportunity to grant access or make recommendations concerning which teachers would receive the next round of deployed boards. In this respect, Mrs. Blossom's course is certainly worth the price of free, and I would recommend anyone interested in SMART training to take advantage of the offer in September.

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Jim Hollis said…
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After you click on the link above, just click on the Complimentary course link.
chanatown said…
Thanks for the link and alternative, Jim. I'll let teachers decide whether it is more preferable. As Jim suggested, I'd recommend teachers take a look at the complimentary course before jumping into a paid subscription.
Anonymous said…
Expertsville and some other online training websites can help you. Thanks for the links Jim.

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