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I've been troubleshooting a lot of our wireless projection devices, so it's time for a quick update on the device that seems to have taken a lead in the "stability" and "reliability" categories. In February, I gave a rundown of our devices and nothing has really changed other than Addlogix's PC2TV seems to be the most reliable thus far. One would think that the native Epson solution would be the clear winner, but we haven't been able to test many of these yet, and one of the few that has experienced classroom testing has had troubles connecting to the Tablets. Today, we focus on the PC2TV device called InternetVue (made by Addlogix).

Connecting the PC2TV base unit to the projector is simple. Power supply, VGA or DVI cable, optional audio, and you're in business. On the computer end, installation of the PC2TV program is straight forward, and one of the biggest advantages over the Atlona Wireless device that we used was that there is no need for a USB dongle. Also, with the hardware attached to the projector and software easily installed, teachers who work in multiple classrooms can connect without requiring a dongle or code for each room.

Some troubleshooting that I've noticed in the past few days (again, I've spent many recent hours with these devices now) include:
  • faulty power supplies - I've replaced 5 so far this year, so I'm wondering if the summer off had something to do with this.
  • firmware updates - this is noted on the website. Once you choose to update the software/firmware (3.06.12), you will no longer have access to portrait mode. The website does have instructions for how to revert if needed.
  • devices stuck on old firmware - I now have three devices that are not able to upgrade the firmware. My computers seem to connect, but no option to upgrade is given. 
  • invisible devices - I also have 2 devices that have splash screens, but do not appear on the network connections list. 

Why we may order more

Despite the above concerns, which I hope a support ticket and contact with their tech team will resolve, the PC2TV device has enabled dozens of our teachers to successfully connect to ceiling mounted projectors with their Tablet PC's. This allows them great mobility throughout the room along with the inking features of the machine. Although I'd love to see even greater stability and the power supplies may be reason for concern, the devices will likely be the ones we choose until we have a full wireless network in place.
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