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Posted yesterday in the official Google Apps update feed, this item got many excited in the Education arena as well as in the corporate world.  By allowing creation of separate organizations and being able to set different policies for each, Apps admins can finally be able to set up a teachers group and a students group (without using separate domains).  I would also like to potentially use this feature to establish grade level groups, not necessarily to control services but rather to keep all of our users sorted.  For example, despite having only 2,900+ students and close to 300 faculty, we have over 5,300 accounts currently set up.  I'd like to trim this down, sort the accounts into manageable groups, and be able to quickly adjust group policies as needed.  I'll post again when this feature is fully active for us, because as of 7/21, I am still seeing the older "users and groups" setting in my control panel.  I did notice that Google stated that "This feature is being rolled out gradually", so I'm hoping that we're still in the rollout phase.

7/27 UPDATE: this is now active in our "manage domain" settings.  Can't wait to test this out!
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