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So, it's summertime, and you may have noticed the increased frequency of blog posts during the past week.  Although I will try to keep a healthy pace during the school year, chances are, you'll see me revert back to my 1-2 X/week goal.  One tool that may help keep the quality up is Zemanta Assistant.  I found this while browsing my Blogger Buzz.  When installed, I see a toolbar on the right of my post editor that automatically updates with related media (attributions included), articles (such as the ones below), and in-text links.  The dragging of images was a bit clunky at first (TIP: drag to blog post, then click on the image to see it properly), but the application of links, automatic update, and ease of use will definitely save me time in the future and hopefully add value to my content.  Thanks Zemanta!
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