App Inventor for Android - Closing the Apps Gap?

Although not quite making my "bucket list", building apps for the iPhone has been a thought of mine that I started pursuing a bit further (inquired with friends, colleagues, and made some connections with a few app developers).  However, the idea still hasn't materialized, mainly due to the fact that I haven't had the time nor funds to invest in learning a new platform from scratch, and my app ideas are merely in the brainstorm stages.  Today, I saw a post in the GCT Google Group and then an article in the NY Times that may reinvigorate my quest to be an app developer.

App Inventor for Android looks to be an attempt to get more apps out on the market to bring Google's minor league numbers closer to Apple's world domination figures.  On one hand, you're likely to see a lot of pretty bad apps make it into the Android market, but let's be honest, a lot of the 200,000+ Apple apps are not the most polished gems.  On the other hand, Google's offering a chance for techies such as yours truly to get excited about creating something, exploring one's brainstorms and ideas, and getting a chance to actually see them come to life.  In education, the opportunity for students to take an idea from brainstorm to execution is extremely powerful and often under represented in the 8-hour school day.  More to come once I get a hands-on look with the new tool.  And yes, this might factor into my cell phone free agency decision...


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