ETHS Summer Tech'10 Professional Development Workshops - Integrating Technology

Yesterday, we sent out an invitation and link to a Google Form (live sample - please do not use this to apply) for our series of technology professional development workshops this summer.

Within minutes, we had several 25+ teachers sign up for multiple trainings, so I think this helps to answer my question of when is the best time for teacher training.  I'm looking forward to developing most of the materials for these 2-3 hour experiences.  I plan on using a similar template to that of the Google Teacher Academy resources, for I particularly enjoyed being able to view a presentation in progress on my own screen, and I didn't need to worry if I missed something as nearly all of the resources would be linked through the site.  I'm looking forward to help reshape how we incorporate technology in education at ETHS, and this summer (my first official one as Tech Staff Developer), I'm excited to be working with a large number of dedicated teachers, all willing to come in for a few hours on their summer vacation.  I'll need to make sure to make it worth their time.


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