Funding for Enhancing Education Through Technology ( #EETT) - Fund #edtech at $500m

I'm aware of how fortunate I am to have the position of Technology Staff Developer.  I've written a bit about how this has been the dream job for me this past year, and how I'm looking forward to continue improving and helping ETHS become a leader in successfully integrating technology with its schoolwide goals.  I'll be the first to advocate for the need of a full time technology integration specialist in every school or at least in every school district.  Obviously, funding is important, so I'm joining other Ed-Tech professionals in "Tweet for EdTech" today, with the hopes of securing additional monetary support for EETT.  I want to reiterate a point made in my AEP video: it's not just about getting the tools, but rather funding the training that is needed to successfully use these tools.  A SmartBoard will only be as "smart" as its user(s).


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