Technology Training Workshop: Diving into the Smart Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0

Yesterday, I gave an afternoon training workshop on the Lesson Activity Toolkit for Smart Notebook.  Similar to what I've seen other trainers do, I view the LAT as the second phase in teacher training for SmartBoards.  The first phase involves simply using the board for everyday usage (e.g. web browsing, showing videos, presentations).  The next half step would be to start using the Notebook software to ink and possibly add images and pre-built flash animations from the Gallery.

In planning for this workshop, I was hoping to find training resources that described all of the features of the Lesson Activity Toolkit.  Unfortunately, though I found a few useful blogs, (Teq, The WhiteBoard Blog) and some individual YouTube videos, I didn't find a nice summary of the features and possible integration strategies for the classroom.  Thus, I created a handout and my first wikispace.  The handout (found as an attachment on the wiki) contains a summary of the built-in activities for LAT 2.0.  There is a lot more (Games, Graphics, Pages, Tools, etc.) that I'll eventually get to, but I think this is a great place to start for teachers ready to take their SmartBoard to the next level.

I'm hoping the wiki will get used by anyone interested in contributing lesson ideas and comments concerning the integration of the LAT activities in the classroom.  If there's an existing resource that I missed that does all of this already, please leave a comment, and I'll link and/or use that instead.  Cheers!


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