Google Us! Evanston: Reflections from the Google RFI

Well, the 3,000 stickers have been passed out, hundreds of flyers were pinned to the walls, and banners, videos, and PA announcements have combined to show our school's support for the city's bid for Google Fiber.  I attended the press conference earlier today, and was extremely proud of our school's efforts along with those of all of the city's partners.  This was my first real experience interacting with city officials, and as the mayor stated in her remarks, it was a sight to see all of us gathered together, unified in support of this initiative.  I would truly love to see us have the opportunity to rally once again in the near future.  Google us!
Below is our video submission.  Thanks to all of the faculty and staff who participated.  Also, William Jenkins deserves much of the praise in putting this fine piece together.  For the rest of Evanston's videos, please click here.  


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