ICE Conference - GarageBand and Podcasting Workshop

This week is the Illinois Computer Educators (cleverly shortened as "ICE") conference held in St. Charles, IL. As mentioned in previous posts, I'll be making my first poster session this Friday on Google Apps at ETHS. Until then, I'm soaking in as much as possible on Tuesday and Thursday. Today, I attended a full day workshop on GarageBand and Podcasting for Beginners. Led by Debra Segiet, the workshop provided ample time to dive into GarageBand, learn the basics of the interface, and allowed attendees to create their own podcast (see below for my feeble attempt). As usual with Apple products, I found the software fairly easy to learn, and I found myself getting so focused on perfecting my final composition. I can only imagine how students (with their own creativity) will also get lost in the ability to create something artistic and reasonably polished in such a short amount of time. I'm quickly running through all of the projects that I could see teachers using podcasts for. Unfortunately, we only have a few Macs available in the AV center, so a classroom project presents some spatial and equipment problems. The media center does have an adjoining PC lab, so a whole class can be separated into Mac and PC groups (as a teacher did with a class earlier this year), and we are fortunate to have an outstanding staff on hand to provide support.

My first podcast using GarageBand (made in less than 30 minutes):


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