Push it real good (cue Salt n' Pepa music)...

Go easy on me here, but I can't help but enjoy getting notifications on so many different things. I'm sure it will get annoying soon, but for now, I love getting Twitter updates, News alerts, Score updates, and more. I love how there are different sounds for each, and how they are all somehow pleasing to my ear. And I love that it just might make me more efficient in that I don't have to open all of these apps and instead rely on the notification for my content.

Here's what I push and why I push it. I'll try to update this as more notifications come in.

Sportacular - YES! My previous favorite sports/scores app gets push notifications, and they are much richer than those from SportsTap. Now, I can really find out when Gregg gives up another home run.

SportsTap - to see whenever my Cubbies take the lead, or more likely, when they walk in another run (Marmol!!!)

Prowl - to see Growls, but I don't like to keep my computer on all the time, so I use...

PushMail - to relay my Gmail and allows me to see part of the message content and...

Textfree Lite - to notify me of Facebook updates (setup as email in FB settings) and...

IM+ - to notify me of Twitter updates for Friends timeline (I cut back on the number of people I follow to mainly @BreakingNews, @appleiphoneschool, @appsadvice, and a few others.

Todo - to alert me of upcoming tasks

Toodledo - to do the same as Todo. I go back and forth on these two apps. Currently, it's Todo.

BargainBin - when is that GPS app going on sale...for $0.99?

eBay - outbid on that Sony Vaio? Oh No!!!


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