GPush vs. Pushmail

Yes, I have a Push addiction. But, that's for a later conversation. I just tested GPush for the iPhone, a much anticipated app that gives you push notifications when you receive a new Gmail. Funny thing is, I just couldn't wait anymore for this app, so I plunked down the $4.99 for Pushmail 2 days ago. Well, turns out I may get my money's worth after all. GPush does not send you any part of the email itself, just the sender and the subject line. This makes for a cleaner look than Pushmail, but I like the fact that I can decipher more of the message in Pushmail and this allows me to make a better decision as to whether I need to open my mail app or not. This is one of the main reasons why I want Push for my emails, so it is at this time a dealbreaker for GPush. Still, for $0.99 vs. $4.99, GPush is a good deal. It has a better icon than GPush and it offers a badge icon update. Plus, it seems more intuitive since it doesn't use the email forwarding go-around as does Pushmail. However, I will say that despite using this go-around, Pushmail was just as fast if not faster on some of my tests. Alright, back to my real work.

UPDATE: 8/9/09 - Looks like I lucked out and was able to buy the app when it came out. Hours later, the app was pulled by the developer. Fortunately, GPush is working on its servers and should be back up today. I'd still like to see more of the message in the push, so I'm sticking with Pushmail for now.


Jennifer said…
Just ran a test…and I can confirm that this push notification method of receiving Gmail is slower than paying for’s true push email service. I sent an email to myself from a different account …and NuevaSync’s push service grabbed the email in about 5 seconds (no joke), and GPush took nearly 3 minutes to notify me of the same email (I left it marked unread). Just an FYI.

chanatown said…
Thanks for the update Jennifer. Having moved on to an Android phone, I no longer have a need for GPush. However, I do remember reading about NeuvaSync and recall good things, so readers should definitely consider this as an option.

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