Toodledo for iPhone update includes Push!

Looks like my favorite GTD app just got a whole lot better. The rage since iPhone 3.0 was released a few weeks ago has been how apps will use Push notifications. Well, Toodledo seems to have incorporated the technology into its latest update. Get alarms, badge, and sound notifications with the new update. I'll add a report later after some testing. Very exciting though!

7/3/09 UPDATE: So, it is true, and I have been able to receive push notifications from Toodledo. Here's what you get: an alarm (sound/popup) for a task 1 hour before it is supposed to be completed by. It's a bit of a To-Do to setup. You have to enable push notifications on your iPhone, AND (this is what I didn't catch initially) you have to toggle a setting in the Toodledo web app that allows for reminders to be sent to the iPhone. Here's link to the forum that has conversations about this topic. Still, a nice update for my go-to task list app.
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