Summer Projects - Recaulking the Bathtub/Shower

So, our tub and shower has been getting dirtier and dirtier. Black stuff collecting at the edge between the shower wall and tub is what I assume to be mold. With a day off today, I chose to tackle the project of learning how to caulk. I found several quality YouTube videos on the subject, and I went to my local TrueValue to get supplies. A razor blade, the caulk, and some painter's masking tape cost less than $20, and I was ready to go. It took about 20 minutes to scrub away the old caulk (this was the most difficult part), and a few minutes to lay the tape down. I highly recommend the use of the tape, as it makes it very easy to get a clean look in the end. Squeezed out the caulk, smoothed and filled with my finger (the bottle does say that the stuff causes cancer, uh...), and I was done in under an hour easily. Not too shabby!


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