Gmail gets folders - the final missing piece?

I've been hooked on MS Outlook for a long time now. However, this past year, my trusty 10 year old PC desktop (custom built by my pops) was beginning to run slower than molasses, so one of my goals has been to work entirely off of web based applications. One of the hardest programs to separate myself from was the resource draining Microsoft Outlook. I loved organizing my emails into folders as soon as they arrived, thus keeping my Inbox clean (Inbox Zero). Until now, with Gmail, I have been able to slap labels on the mail items, but it wasn't quite the same tangible experience as moving them into folders. This past week, Gmail introduced folders/labels, and I could not be happier. My wife said it best: "It's what we've been waiting for", and I completely agree. So long Outlook - your resource intensive, non search capable (without add-on), expensive software is no longer needed in this household. I'm still looking for an appropriate replacement for MS Money.

For more about Gmail folders, check out the Official Gmail Blog here.


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