www.chanatown.net vs. chanatown.net

Setting up on Blogger was simple enough. Forwarding from godaddy.com to blogger was also manageable. Within hours, I had www.chanatown.net pointing to techstaffdeveloper.blogspot.com. Unfortunately, it took a call to tech support at godaddy.com to determine why I could not point chanatown.net to blogger. Much to my surprise, however, the customer service at godaddy was exceptional (I've had other pretty positive experiences), and the problem was that I had set up a free hosting account at godaddy.com and thus had to delete that account. Within an hour, chanatown.net was up and running, and perhaps, that's what brought you here. So, if you're having trouble, and you've tried all the advice of several other posts as I did, check to see if my problem applies to you, and cross your fingers or give the friendly tech staff at godaddy.com a call.
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